60 old-school playground photos that made us wonder how we survived childhood

If you grew up in the 60s, 70s, or 80s, then you know firsthand how fast time flies. There are many activities that highlight this truth, and one of them is the way playgrounds have changed. Truth be told, some of the old and outdated playgrounds from those eras are just downright dangerous.


We’ve found over 60 pictures that will make you realize how the times have changed, and some of them might bring you flashbacks.

Here are 60 pictures of the “not so safe” playgrounds of the past

Oh to be young again…

1. Hunk of metal

When it comes to the playgrounds of the past, a lot of the equipment was just hunks of metal that they shaped into something kids can play on. Just look at this with a hole in the middle, does anyone even know what this is?

2. Witch’s hat

If you’re old enough to remember witch’s hats on playgrounds, then you’ve definitely played on your fair share of janky ones. Look at that thing, it doesn’t even look like something children should go near, let alone play on.


3. Animal swings

Animal swings are the best in my opinion. I can remember going to the park and always picking my favorite giraffe to swing on. Oh how the time flies, those were the days

4. Spinning saucers

Back in the day, it was like anything that spun was a good fit for a kid’s playground. It didn’t even matter how potentially dangerous the spinning equipment was, they just knew how much kids love to be dizzy.

5. Tire swings

When it comes to playground nostalgia, a tire swing always brings back those wonderful memories…Unless you were the kid who flew off of one that is, then it probably brings up some PTSD.


6. Curved monkey bars

Monkey bars are another piece of old playground equipment that brings up awesome, as well as terrifying memories for people. All it took was a little slip of the fingers, and down you went. These curved ones were even worse because they encouraged you to climb over the top and it didn’t also go so well.

7. Floating bicycles

Every kid loved those floating bicycles, and they were a blast until it got going too fast throwing you off. This one is out of commission, but it still actually looks pretty good given the circumstances.

8. Whatever this thing is…

This is one I’ve never seen before, but due to the fact that it’s potentially dangerous, it made our list. I guess you’re supposed to hold on to the top part while running on the barrel? Go ahead, you first, let me know how that turns out for you.

9. Terrifying slides

Scary slides from back in the day come in all shapes and sizes, and with some of them, it’s the way they look that makes them scary. This monster slide doesn’t look that fast, but I’m quite sure it scared the heck out of a lot of toddlers.

10. Janky steps

When it comes to dangerous playground equipment from the past, metal steps were a big part of them. All it took was a tiny slip of the foot, and you’d hit your shins and be screaming in pain. Good luck going on those while wet, trust me, don’t even try it.


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