‘Alice’s Linda Lavin Is a ‘Pretty Girl’ at 85: Ex Treated Her ‘With Disgust’ Yet Younger Spouse Cherishes Her

Linda Lavin, known as Alice Hyatt from “Alice” divorced ex who cheated, treated her with disgust and contempt and lived for her money for years.


The actress married 20-years-younger Steve Bakunas in her 60s who is her true love.

On new photo, Linda looks happy and beautiful at 85.

Linda Lavin has had an extensive career in Hollywood after becoming famous for her role as Alice Hyatt in the 1970s TV series, “Alice.” She is now known for many other roles in film and television.

The actress is now 85 and has experienced many joys and heartaches in her life. She has expressed gratitude that she is still healthy and in a happy marriage with her husband.

Lavin wakes up each day grateful that she is physically and mentally fit. Although she feels 35 instead of 85, she says she is happy that she remains in such good health, as not everyone is afforded that opportunity.

While she feels like she is in denial about her age, she says she does not focus on it and instead lives in the moment without a single thought to spare about her age or her future. She feels “completely alive.”

Lavin has accomplished many things during her career. She has had many fantastic roles in film and television and has endeared herself to fans worldwide, but the thing she is most proud of is her husband.

Talking about which accomplishment she takes the most pride in, Lavin lovingly spoke about her relationship. She shared:

“My life is so good. I have such joy and gratitude for the love I feel with [her husband] and that I get from him, and I’m capable of giving that love back.”

Fans are not used to seeing Lavin’s husband, Steve, 20 years Lavin’s junior, but recently he made a rare public appearance, and Lavin shared a photo from that night on Instagram. Fans are shocked at how good Lavin still looks.

How Did Lavin Divorce Her Unfaithful Actor Ex Who Treated Her with Disgust?

Lavin was married to fellow actor Kip Niven from 1982 to 1992 when she eventually filed for divorce because he was not treating her in the way she deserved to be treated. After ten years of unfair treatment, she finally found the strength to leave him.


The pair were married for some time, but Lavin was unhappy throughout the marriage and said that her ex-husband was cruel to her. Regarding the divorce, Niven requested thousands of dollars from Lavin but was not awarded what he requested.

Talking about why she decided to end her marriage to Niven after so many years together, Lavin said:

“He treated me with disgust and contempt.”

Niven insulted Lavin throughout their marriage, and the actress said she thought her husband fantasized about being with other women when they were intimate. He also disparaged her work throughout their union.

How Did Linda Find True Love with 20-Years-Younger Steve in Her 60s?

Lavin’s marriage to Niven was not her first, but she knew it could not be her last. After divorcing him, she was set on finding true love with a man who treated her with love, passion, and respect.

Lavin had been filming in Wilmington for five years when she met Steve. The actress restored three houses in the historic district of the area and one place near the beach. After Lavin had been there for five years, Steve happened to move there.


The actress had a foundation for inner-city girls, and a mutual friend of Lavin’s and Steve’s thought that she could use Steve’s help for the foundation. They were in contact via message for a short while after that.

One night, Lavin attended a theatre opening and found Steve seated directly in front of her. She joked that she immediately thought:

“I’m so glad I had my hair done today.”

Lavin found Steve very handsome and now says that on top of his looks, he is talented too. Lavin described her husband as an “actor and a director and a builder.” When asked how she fell in love with Steve, Lavin said it was effortless.

The couple met on November 17, which was a Thursday. The following Sunday, they had coffee together, and ever since then, they have been inseparable. It was how he behaved on Thanksgiving that sealed the deal for her.

She said he came for Thanksgiving dinner, and when they had finished eating, he washed all the dishes. Lavin also said he asked her all the right questions and then traveled with her to New York, where she was filming. The pair have been building their life together ever since.

After leaving Niven, Lavin was disillusioned with the idea of love and openly shared what she thought might happen to her in the future. Lavin admitted:

“I didn’t think I would ever get married again.”

However, after five years, Steve knew he wanted to be with Lavin for the rest of his life, so he flew to Chicago, where Lavin was in a play, and proposed. Lavin was emotional and told him she didn’t know what to wear. Steve joked she had to answer the question before considering what to wear.

Lavin and Steve have a lot of fun together, and the actress is grateful to have found someone with whom she can confide in, love, and spend her free moments with. The pair share no children, but Lavin is the stepmother of Steve’s children.

Lavin believes she is an accepting parent because she is comfortable enough with herself that she does not expect any of her children to change who they are to suit her wishes. She chooses to lead by example, not punishment.

The actress has a mantra that says: “Today, let me not do anything to ruin anybody else’s day,” and she sticks to it both with her children and with her husband. Lavin has often been asked what makes her marriage to Steve so strong.

Lavin believes that the work they have done individually and together has allowed them to be the best versions of themselves. They have also taken lessons from other relationships and applied them to their marriage. Lavin says she is fortunate to have found a man like Steve.

They also give each other space to explore their own paths in life, even though they walk those paths hand in hand. Lavin says they are individuals building a life together for the betterment of each other. They are a lovely couple indeed.


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