Ann-Margret Is 81 — She Found ‘Love’ Who Is ‘Not a Stranger,’ Rides Motorbikes, Acts & Is Not Going to Slow Down

Ann-Margret has many things to be proud of, but her marriage to her late husband takes the top spot. She lost him in her 70s, and now she is in her 80s with a zest for life that can rival a youth’s.


Ann-Margret is a talented actress with many credits, but those achievements are not considered her proudest. Ann-Margret believes that spot is reserved for her marriage to the late Roger Smith, whom she was with until his demise.

The talented triple threat still resides in the same L.A. home she and Smith purchased in 1968, and she only has good things to say about their union.

She once said: “When I look back at my life, I am most proud of my marriage.” The couple was happy together, and Ann-Margret was grateful for her time with Smith. According to her, their marriage had been something they both wanted to work out, and it did.

The pair spent their nights together and were never far from each other in their waking moments. Such was the love they had for each other.

It thrived, even in the absence of children of their own. Ann-Margret tried her best to get pregnant so that they would have their own kids, but it never happened.

She tried for 13 years, even going as far as using a fertility pump and a tool that injected her with a hormone that was supposed to aid ovulation.

Nothing worked, and eventually, she resigned herself to the position of stepmom to his three kids. Ann-Margret was a good mom to them even though she once tagged herself the “wicked stepmother of the west.”

The new album will contain some classic materials as well as new ones.
Ann-Margret was born in 1941 in Sweden, where she lived in a community of 160 people with her parents. At the age of 6, she had already started showing signs of stardom as she enjoyed singing and dancing, but it was not until after her family moved to the U.S. after the second world war that she really got a chance to blossom.


The talented woman was able to land a deal with RCA, and in 1961, she made her acting debut in “Pocket Full Of Miracles,” where she acted alongside Bette Davis.

From there, she went on to make a name for herself in the acting industry, and several days later, her timeless beauty and red hair have remained in fashion.

Ann-Margret lost Smith, the love of her life when she was 76, and though the death hit her hard, she has found ways to honor their memories together while living her life. So how does she live now that Smith is gone? By doing things she loves.

She Now Rides a Motorbike and Is Dating Again
Losing a loved one is never easy, but Ann-Margret has found ways to fill the void, even though Smith will forever remain irreplaceable to her.

One of the things Ann-Margret now enjoys doing is riding motorbikes which she once admitted helps her arrive at her dates earlier. The actress has always loved motorcycles, but now she is even more devoted to riding.


When asked what it is about the modern contraptions that have her hooked, she said: “Speed. Being outside with the wind, rain, and whatever out there. It’s just exciting.”

One of her latest bike acquisitions is a lavender-colored Harley which she reportedly rides on occasion. She got the Harley, which has little white daisies printed on it, in Brainerd, Minnesota. She once said:

“If I ride somewhere, to like a biker place, mine is the only lavender bike there. All the Harley’s and Ducati’s, there’s my lavender with the flowers. Definitely interesting. They get a kick out of it.”

Besides riding, Ann-Margret has also been seeing another man whom she has confessed is no stranger. Ann-Margret has kept the details under wraps, but she has admitted that he made her fall in love once more, which is a “nice feeling.” Other people usually take life more slowly at her age, but this boisterous lady is different.

She still shows up at different Hollywood functions and has acting projects she has worked on set to be released. Ann-Margret may have achieved fame by singing “bye bye,” but if her actions are any indication, she is not yet ready to say farewell just yet.

She Has No Plans to Stop Acting
Old as she is, some would expect Ann-Margret to take a step back from acting however she has been very clear; she has no plans to stop. At least not yet. She said:

“When you are a certain age, it doesn’t mean that you all of a sudden stop … You don’t stop. You continue.”

In 2021, Ann-Margret announced her involvement in a romantic comedy titled “Queen Bees.” The film follows life in a retirement community, and her character was a busy bee feared by those outside their group of Queen bees.

The other Queen bees include Jane Curtin, Ellen Burstyn, and Loretta Devine. The film was focused on romance, but an important lesson it imparted was the benefit of having friends regardless of age.

Besides acting, Ann-Margret has also continued showing off her musical talents. Earlier this year, she spoke about her upcoming music album titled “Born To Be Wild.”

According to what she shared, the new album will contain some classic materials as well as new ones. She revealed that one of her favorite tracks was done by a close friend named Bobby Darin. It’s reportedly titled “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” She called it her best out of the album because she loved how Darin put it together.

When asked what else she has planned for her fans in the near future, Ann-Margret stated that all she had so far was relaxation. She claimed it would let her get her energy up, after which she would decide what to do.

Ann-Margret said that whatever it is, she usually never knows until she thinks about it, so her fans will just have to stick around to find out.


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