Biden’s Electric America EXPOSED! Family Traveling in EV Truck Left Stranded and Forced to Get a Gas Powered Truck to Tow Them

On Friday, a family known as the “All Electric Family” on YouTube, tried to display their new EV truck as they traveled from Nebraska to Denver. The family was forced to stop by America’s failed electric vehicle infrastructure.


The Krivolavek family were required to get the assistance of a gas-powered tow truck to move their vehicle, after many charging stations along the trip either failed to work or were completely unavailable.

For the 500 mile trip they drove the Ford F-150 Lightning and towed an Airstream 30FB camper behind it, all of which exposed the issues with the shift America is taking to an electric world.

Analyzing America detailed the family’s story:

“In the end, we made it, but beware of Electrifying America’s chargers and have a backup plan,” a family member said.


The mother, Katie Krivolavek, said all the chargers read “unavailable” when they attempted a third try to recharge in Ogallala, Nebraska. “We knew Electrify America was having some issues,” Katie said. “We were able to get our first two charges without any major issues, and then we made a mistake.”

“There were two locations that EA said one station was working. One of those stations happened to be North Platte[Nebraska] where we were not able to get a charge on our last trip. So we didn’t trust the station, and we decided to skip that one.”


“When Steve got to Julesberg, he had 0 percent,” Katie said. “Eventually, we had to call a tow truck and have the truck towed back to Ogallala to a J1772.”

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced at the Detroit Auto Show that funding for a nationwide electric vehicle charging network will be put in place, financing the construction of stations in 35 states.

“I’m pleased to announce that we’re approving funding for the first 35 states, including Michigan, to build their own charging infrastructure throughout their state,” Biden said.

The plans’ approval means $900 million can begin to form the network of chargers across the nation, the states will now get a flow of funding for these projects and are individually tasked with using money from Biden’s huge infrastructure bill throughout their region.

Biden has stated the goal is ultimately installing 500,000 chargers across America and building a network of fast-charging stations across 53,000 miles of freeways from coast to coast.


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