CORRUPTION: Schumer Blatantly Admits Jan. 6 Hearings Were Tool To Influence Midterms

At this point the Democrats in Congress are no longer hiding the motives behind their political moves…


During a press conference held on Wednesday, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had the audacity to blatantly admit the motives behind the January 6th Committee Hearings while gloating about gaining another Senate seat for Democrats.

“I think the January 6 hearings played an important effect [on the midterm elections],” Schumer stated during the press conference.

Schumer went on to say that “people didn’t just read about something that happened once but every night, they saw on TV these insurrectionists.”

Of course this is something that the Republicans have been saying for quite some time. The January 6 hearings received an incredibly large amount of airtime by almost every news site and was called out by the Republican party as nothing more than a publicity stunt to depict the GOP as criminals.


Well as of now, the suspicions of Republicans have just become reality. Not only have Democrats admitted that the January 6th Committee Hearings were nothing more than a ploy to sway the midterm elections but now they are gloating about it on live television.

The arrogance and audacity of the Democratic leadership is astounding.

Check out Chuck Schumer’s statements in the video below:

Schumer also admitted that he became “emotional” about the results of the Georgia run-off election between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock when he said he was “brought to tears last night.”

Despite his emotional response, Schumer also laid out his plans on what he will do with his power in the Senate when he made the following statement:

“The practical effects of the 51-seat majority: It’s big. It’s significant. We can breathe a sigh of relief … Obviously judges and nominees will be a lot easier to put on the bench … It’s going to be a lot quicker, swifter and easier.”

Do you think it was fair for the Democrats to use the January 6th Hearings as a way to sway the midterm elections?

Let us know in the comment section below….


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