Demi Moore Turns 60: She Repaired Relationships with Three Daughters after They Turned Away from Her

Demi Moore turns 60!
The actress repaired her relationship with her daughters to support her ex-husband.

Demi Moore reached a considerable milestone in November 2022 when she turned 60! The actress had done it all in Hollywood, shaved her head for “G.I. Jane,” opened up to her fans in her memoir, and fought for equal pay.


Her latest challenge in 2022 was to design a collection for the swimwear brand, Andie. Demi would also have to model the work she creates for the brand’s campaign, with the collaboration being about tearing down outdated rules of what women should or shouldn’t wear at a certain age.

The actress said she and the brand were trying to change the notion that women were “less desirable” as they age. Demi revealed how women her age didn’t want not to feel sexy or “look matronly.”

Speaking to People magazine, the star shared how embracing her age had been “liberating.” What she looked forward to when she turned 60 was not to be defined by the number and instead by her experience, adding:

“You hit 59, and you’re already thinking, ‘Well, I’m going to be 60.'”

The actress recalled how her grandmother appeared resigned to being old when she turned 60. However, in her case, Demi felt more present and alive in many ways than ever before.

The star had a forty-year-long acting career that was still going strong in 2022, and at the time of the People interview, she was shooting another movie in Europe. However, she couldn’t get accustomed to hearing people call her an icon.

Demi said it felt like an out-of-body experience, despite feeling flattered by it. However, she shared how she didn’t feel like it was her but liked it, although, to her, an icon had to be someone who’d moved people, marked something, paved the way, or made a positive impact.


In that regard, the actress was proud to be added to that category. When it came to clothes, Demi revealed she liked dressing up but shined the most when wearing sweatpants at home.

The movie star said she appreciated fashion and was close to designers whom she admired and respected. However, she still felt like a child who got to dress up, and at heart, she was a “grubby 12-year-old boy” who liked wearing baggy and comfortable clothes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Demi was holed up in her Idaho home with her three daughters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. Her daughters’ father and ex-husband, Bruce Willis, was also there with his new wife, Emma Heming Willis, and their children, Mabel and Evelyn.

During that time, the actress spent most of her time at home in overalls. At one point, Demi lost her close relationship and bond with her daughters due to health issues and more.

Why Demi Moore Lost Her Relationship with Her Daughters?

When Demi divorced Ashton Kutcher, she struggled with alcoholism and an “addiction” to the younger man, which left her children feeling neglected. Kutcher continued bonding with the three children, but their mother struggled.

In the memoir, “Inside Out,” Demi revealed how she became an alcoholic and was addicted to illegal substances soon after divorcing Kutcher. She displayed behaviors and made choices that made her children pull away from her to avoid seeing her self-destruct.


Eventually, the actress became estranged from her daughters, and during a “Red Table Talk” appearance, the trio said their mother failed to be “in control around a man.” In 2012, the star was taken to hospital after absorbing nitrous oxide, and having “synthetic pot” worsened the situation.

Rumer didn’t even know who her mother was anymore, and Tallulah recalled living with the actress when her marriage to Kutcher was falling apart. Being a teenager at the time, the lastborn child couldn’t cope with being emotionally drained by the situation.

Tallulah felt “forgotten” and jealous that most of Demi’s attention was given to a cheating husband instead of her children. Early in the marriage, the star also became obsessed with getting pregnant after having a miscarriage.

Rumer felt neglected during that time, as though she wasn’t “enough,” and the tension pushed her to leave home quicker. Being co-dependent on Kutcher left Demi emotionally unavailable from her daughters, with her saying:

“I was in so much pain, physically as well as emotionally, I could barely function.”

For three years, Demi’s children didn’t speak to her, and she felt lost. Her work became slow, and she was forced to discover how to live for herself, and she eventually became clean and placed herself in a position where she could nurture her daughters again.

Someone thought Demi [Moore] had created a beautiful family which gave others hope.

Rumer reached out first, and the other girls came around slowly, with the family working hard on united healing and growth. Demi fixed things with the trio and quarantined with them at Bruce’s ranch.

Another thing that caused the actress to reunite with her children was her ex-husband. A health condition Bruce discovered forced the family to heal faster and mend things so they could be together.

Demi and Her Daughters Came Together for Her Ex

By May 2022, Demi and her daughters had healed enough that on Mother’s Day, the star shared an Instagram post showing her smiling with them and a spiritual leader named Amma. The actress shared her gratitude for people who led the way to true and unconditional love.

She thanked Amma for nurturing her daughters and the trio lighting her path with their love. Fans loved the post and thought it was a blessing to see women nurturing and empowering each other, while someone else loved the energy in the image.

Someone thought Demi Moore had created a beautiful family which gave others hope. After the family, including Emma and her daughters, revealed Bruce’s aphasia diagnosis, they said they were moving through the issue as a family.


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