Donald Trump Asks Son-In-Law to ‘Take Care’ of His Daughter — Inside Her Wedding

Donald Trump was with his child Tiffany Trump on her big day.
He fulfilled the role of a father – by walking her down the aisle, participating in the father-and-daughter dance, and supplementing the day with his words of love.


Donald Trump’s youngest daughter tied the knot at the weekend, and the proud father walked the bride down the aisle. He shared loving words about his newly-wedded son-in-law.

Donald Trump’s fourth child, Tiffany Trump, married Michael Boulos on November 12, 2022. The internet personality and the billionaire wed in an extravagant wedding held at the father of the bride’s Mar-a-Lago property in Florida.

The businessman walked his youngest daughter – who dazzled in an Elie Saab gown – down the aisle. The garment had long sleeves, a silhouette, and detailed beading.

The mother of the bride, actress Marla Maples donned an Elie Saab dress which was lavender in color and one-shouldered. Meanwhile, her former husband, now married to Melanie Trump, wore a tux.

Tiffany and Boulos – who is an heir to a billion-dollar family business, wed in front of friends and family under a gazebo decorated with white, blue, and pink flowers. The couple kept to their theme as the bridesmaids’ blue gowns matched the decor.


For the wedding reception, guests indulged in finger foods and had cocktails during sunset. In the evening, they made their way inside Mar-a-Lago for the main event.

The newly wedded couple reportedly hired a 10-member band and dancers who entertained their loved ones in performances depicting loofahs.

The guests were seated behind tables covered in tall crystal candelabras and lush floral arrangements and had their dinner options listed in an ornate mirrored menu.

Boulos and Tiffany crossed paths in 2018. He was a college student at the time, and she was on a European holiday trip. Boulos proposed at the official residence in early 2021.

Donald Makes an Emotional Speech to His Son-In-Law
His father-in-law gave a toast on their big day and shared heartwarming words. The former US President said Boulos was unique and wise for someone his age.

The father of five complimented the couple saying they were two extraordinary individuals and that their wedding day was marvelous while urging his new son-in-law to look after his daughter:


“Michael, you better take care of her.”

Donald took to the dance floor with Tiffany for their father-and-daughter dance while the “Here Comes the Sun” tune played in the background.

Video footage obtained by Page Six showed the duo at the reception dancing together as the proud father shared a moment with his daughter.

Tiffany’s Wedding Almost Broke in a Couple of Days
While the night was a success, it almost became a blunder because of a natural disaster. Merely days leading to the wedding, Tiffany was reportedly “flipping out” as her “welcome dinner” was ruined because of Hurricane Nicole.

A source revealed to Page Six that they had to send “staff home” due to the unfortunate incident and that she remained behind at her dad’s abode.

The insider continued to explain at the time that guests had made their way to the wedding location and that the couple had “planned” some “over-the-top” events but sadly had to “cancel” because of the storm.

Those who intended to fly down to Florida for the nuptials were affected because Hurricane Nicole massively struck the state leading to the shutdown of Palm Beach International Airport.

An insider had previously disclosed that Tiffany and her billionaire partner looked forward to having 500 wedding guests on their special day. At the time, it remained unclear how many of them had to change their reservations due to the tropical cyclone.

A source divulged that the bride-to-be had anticipated an enormous ceremony, adding that because she and Boulos come from affluent families, they wanted their beloved friends “from around the world” to celebrate their love.

Still, the couple received their marriage license on November 8, 2022, before the Palm Beach County Courthouse had to shut down for the remainder of the week because of the storm.

Despite the bad weather conditions, Tiffany celebrated her bridal shower the week before alongside her sisters and close pals.


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