FACT CHECK : TRUE, Whoopi Goldberg Was Fired From Star Trek

The Claim : In Decmber of 2022, news satire and Trumpublican anxiety page America’s Last Line of Defense published an article saying that Whoopi Goldberg had been fired from her role as space bartender “Guinan” in the final season of Paramount’s “Picard” series.

The article, written by the mysterious and certainly good-looking scribe “Fallis Gunnington”, purported that Goldberg’s liberal politics played a center role in the dismissal.


We at Freedom Fictions have poured over the evidence and concluded that this claim is:

Goldberg’s tenure in movies and on daytime talk juggernaut The View notwithstanding, Paramount opted as a studio to avoid any controversial clamor for Picard, and replaced her with veteran actress Angela Bassett.

Paramount’s head of Seared Pork Tenderloin, Joe Barron, explained.


“Whoopi served us well in the Star Trek community for many years, and we’re sad to let her go.

But we have many fans who are of a conservative bent and really sexually appreciate Commander Data. We don’t want to lose them for her outspoken claptrap.”

He added that it was solely a “business decision.”

Many Trekkies are upset, both about Guinan’s absence from the final season of the hit show, and about being referred to as Trekkies.” Well that’s just too bad.j


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