‘God’s Wonderful Work’: Boy Is Born with Natural Blue Eyes, Lightning Birthmark & White Hair

Every child is beautiful and unique and deserves to be loved, protected, and cherished. However, one little boy captivated the virtual social space when videos and pictures of his extraordinary facial features surfaced online, sending the netizens into a frenzy.


Beauty is a highly subjective concept that varies from person to person. While some place more importance on physical attractiveness, others tend to give weightage to overall personality traits. Regardless, many might not apply these indicators to children because little ones are always considered beautiful.

Interestingly, there can be instances when a youngster’s striking and rare features stun the world at large, garnering attention, love, and a myriad of reactions from people far and wide. Something similar played out for the child in today’s story.

Rare & Beautiful

In August 2022, a man based in the Netherlands, Raoul Tsasa, turned to the popular video-sharing platform TikTok and shared three video clips of a “special child” that amassed an overwhelming response and viewership from the masses.

Much like the African youngster, a Wilmington, North Carolina family welcomed a baby girl with a white streak in November 2016.

He shared the first video on August 20, 2022, which showed a little black boy with blue eyes and a patch of natural white hair. Another feature that stood out on the youngster’s innocent face was a lightning streak, starting from his forehead and going all the way to his lips.

Going Viral & Netizens’ Thoughts


As of December 22, the first clip has gone viral, picking up 8.5 million views, 720.6k reactions, and 26k comments from netizens. The other two videos captured a screenshot of the boy eating from a bowl and showcased netizens’ comments; they have racked up 427.6k and 166.6k views, respectively.

Many users flooded the TikToker user’s comment section after seeing the blue-eyed boy with white hair and a lightning birthmark across his face. While some speculated that the boy’s unusual facial features were because of a rare condition, others predicted his future career as a famous movie icon.

The Online Reaction

The little black child became a subject of sheer interest and received an overwhelmingly positive response from people. Let’s take a look at a few comments worth mentioning:

“[He] looks like lightning thunder that moment rain wants to fall (sic).”

— (@chizy67) September 2, 2022

“God’s wonderful work, absolutely beautiful. [You] are blessed.”

— (@augustaogunnubi) August 22, 2022

“I see a storm cloud upon his head, lightning down the center of his face between two bodies of water, his eyes ?? beautiful (sic).”


— (@vyettevoyce2) August 22, 2022

“He is literally a work of art❤️❤️.”

— (@maemarsh3) August 22, 2022

“He looks like coming out from a Marvel movie ??.”

— (@tiktokbruni) August 23, 2022

“If I was there I’d talk to his parents to have them & their son come back to America to start modeling. He can have an extremely great career modeling (sic).”

— (@kryptolovr) August 22, 2022

More Comments from Netizens

“He looks so unique. He shouldn’t struggle to be a great actor. He already stands out among the crowd.”

— (@duc_nambouri) August 22, 2022

“I believe he has Waardenburg Syndrome. People with this look so Unique and Lovely???Sending Love to this Cuttie? (sic).”

— (@la.chaky) August 22, 2022

“Nobody paints like God…[He] is perfect!???”

— (@con_feti7) August 22, 2022

“A bright sunny day with a little thunderstorm he’s adorable ? (sic).”

— (@findleyjhanajay) August 22, 2022

“he’s gonna grow up to be a model I’m calling it (sic).”

— (@victory______________) August 31, 2022

“May God bless and protect him and keep him safe ? ❤️.”

— (@oevilcat) December 1, 2022

According to a hashtag from Tsasa on his first video, the boy is from Africa, and his adorable features personify his innocence. We hope and pray that he has a bright and lovely future.

Another Baby with a Unique Birthmark

Much like the African youngster, a Wilmington, North Carolina family welcomed a baby girl with a white streak in November 2016. Her rare birthmark served goals for sisters Tina Heyer and Ronda Kind McCullough, who said their granddaughter’s striking feature was keeping their 200-year legacy alive.

Baby girl Aaliyah Richardson was said to have a long line of ancestors who were born with the same patch of grey hair, and her loved ones were delighted to see that it was being passed down to future generations. King-McCullough shared:

“I just never took the time to search it out and I just told my kids. A lot of people definitely think it’s cool and it’s gone viral.”

What are your thoughts after reading these stories? Do you have a unique family distinction that’s been a subject of interest and attention for those around you? We would love to hear your valuable feedback on Facebook, so please feel free to flood the comment section.


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