Gun Fight Between Elderly Army Vet And Burglars Ends With One Person Dead

A gun shop owner heard a commotion outside of his Crosby store around 4:30 am.


Because the owner was a 79-year-old Army veteran, he was prepared to do whatever it took to protect his livelihood lest buglers try to steal his belongings.

Because he heard the suspicious commotion, the Army veteran grabbed one of his trusty firearms and went outside to see what was going on – that’s when he saw at least one suspect fleeing his store along Kennings Road in Harris County.

According to Harris County Deputies, the suspects opened fire on the gun shop owner.

They fired multiple shots at the 79-year-old veteran. As he tried to dodge the bullets, the veteran hid behind a tree and returned fire. He later confirmed to deputies that he shot at least one of the suspects while they failed to hit him in the violent shootout.

By the time the veteran was getting into the shootout, the suspects had already stolen guns. Authorities found firearms left behind on the road and by the building.


After the gun shop owner reported the theft to authorities, deputies rushed over and found a suspect, who was believed to be in his early twenties or late teens, fifteen minutes after the attack.

He was found on Morelos Road. The man had a gunshot wound, which was believed to be caused by the 79-year-old veteran. The suspect died at the scene only a few minutes later.

Although authorities could not be sure, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez believes that the young man who died on Morelos Road was probably connected to the gun shop robbery.

The violence seemed to match what the Army veteran had reported to the authorities. Plus, the gunshot victim was so close to the gun shop that it all made sense.


When authorities found the gunshot victim, they also found him to be near a collection of pistols. Although it was too early in the investigation for them to confirm whether or not these guns were stolen from the Army veteran’s gun shop, deputies believed that they were likely contraband from the burglary.

Later, deputies detained two other male suspects at a different scene in connection to the robbery of the gun shop. They were found in a vehicle that had a very similar description to the one used during the burglary of the gun shop.

Although the pieces of the puzzle all seem to be coming together, authorities have decided to refer the case to a Texas grand jury to make sure that justice is handled correctly.

The Army veteran who fought off the burglars is expected to make a full recovery. His actions saved his life and livelihood, but he expressed remorse over having to take a human life – even if it was in self-defense.

It’s unclear what will happen to the two other male suspects who were detained, but authorities are hoping that the grand jury will make the decision that best reflects the severity of this crime.

Thanks to the Army vet’s quick thinking and bravery, he was able to protect himself, his business, and his community from a group of violent criminals.


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