‘I’ll Just Go to Heaven and Play until You Get There’: Son Works Last ‘Miracle’ Consoling Mom before Passing Away

A mother’s love, care, and devotion for her child are nearly impossible to put into words. Not only do they defy logic and rationality, but they are unconditional sentiments felt only from the heart. Take a look at a distraught mom’s tear-jerking story of bidding farewell to her little angel.


Like any parent, Ruth Scully loved her son, Nolan Scully, with every fiber of her being. She and her husband, Jonathan Scully, wanted nothing more than to see their boy grow up and achieve his milestones.

In November 2015, the family received heart-shattering news that turned their world topsy-turvy—their then-three-year-old son was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma—a rare type of childhood cancer forming in the soft tissues. From then onwards, the little boy’s fierce battle against the life-threatening disease began.

The Little Fighter
According to Ruth, her sweet boy spent a significant part of his life fighting cancer like a true warrior. His courage and strength amazed everyone, including his parents, friends, and even strangers who heard his incredible story.

It was news that shattered her heart into a million pieces; however, Ruth had no choice but to tell her boy.
Deep down, Nolan’s family hoped their beloved boy would emerge victorious in his battle against cancer and spend many delightful years with them. Sadly, fate had something completely different in store for them, and the subsequent turn of events only shattered Ruth and Jonathan.

Sharing Her Son’s Story
Following her son’s painful diagnosis, Ruth began documenting his journey on her Facebook page, “NolanStrong.” On April 5, 2017, she shared a spine-chilling post, shedding light on her final days with her wonderful boy.

Although the Maryland resident knew that the agonizing account would be harrowing for some people, she wanted the world to know that her son was beautiful and made of genuine love, light, and joy. She began the story from the day she and Nolan could feel things were nearing their end.

A Painful Day
Ruth recalled when she took her son to the hospital, and something told her it was the last time. Although he was suffering from C. Diff at the time, he had stopped eating and drinking, and his health rapidly declined. On February 1, 2017, she had a sitting with Nolan’s doctors.

After their conversation, Ruth had difficulty coming to terms with everything that was right in front of her eyes. In other words, Nolan had little time left, and all the distraught mother could do was make the most of every moment before it became a fleeting memory.


Telling Her Boy
It was news that shattered her heart into a million pieces; however, Ruth had no choice but to tell her boy. Upon finding her son sitting in her red chair watching YouTube on his tablet, she rested her head against his and plucked up the courage to start talking.

Seeing his exhaustion and how hard it was for him to keep going, it took every ounce of strength for Ruth to tell Nolan, “You don’t have to fight anymore.” When he heard those words, the little boy looked at his mom and replied innocently, “I DON’T?! But I will for you, Mommy!!”


The Mother’s Painful Revelation
After that, Nolan assured his mother that he had come this far only because he was fighting for her. With a broken heart and a breaking voice, Ruth told her son that she was struggling to protect him and ensure his safety on earth. She added:

“The only way I can keep you safe is in Heaven.”

When those words came out of her mouth, Ruth felt even more crushed because she didn’t want to part with her sweet son. But what choice did she have? Seeing her dilemma and the pain in her eyes, Nolan flashed a smile and responded:

“So, I’ll just go to Heaven and play until you get there! You’ll come right?”

The heartbroken mother told her boy that she would join him as soon as possible; perhaps, that was all he needed to hear.

Their Final Hours Together
Ruth remembered that her little boy spent the subsequent days sleeping; meanwhile, she had to accept the hard truth that any moment could be his last.

The Maryland mother recounted her final hours with her ray of sunshine, where they watched YouTube videos, played their favorite game, and shared joyful moments. Nolan wrote his will with his mom beside him, including how he wanted his funeral and what people should wear.

Ruth noted that her son even penned what he was leaving for his loved ones and that he wanted everyone to remember him as a cop. Around 9 p.m. that night, she chatted with her son, not knowing it would be their final conversation.

Everything Changed When She Returned
Because Nolan didn’t let her leave his side, she sought his permission before taking a shower. The little boy agreed on the condition that his uncle would watch him in the meantime and turned to face the bathroom so that he could see his mother.

When Ruth came out after showering, everyone in the room looked at her with tears in their eyes, and she could tell something wasn’t right. Something broke inside her as she realized that her son had gone into a deep sleep and would probably never return.

A Heartwarming Miracle
Still, Ruth hurried and climbed on the bed, hugged her son, and cupped his face. At that moment, a “miracle” happened that she said she would never forget: her angelic son opened his eyes, a faint smile playing on his pale lips, and whispered:

“I love you mommy.”

Turning to face his mother, Nolan slowly closed his eyes, and before the clock struck midnight, Ruth said her boy passed away as she sang “You are My Sunshine” in his ear. Although his untimely passing left her in pieces, she would never forget that her hero son returned from his coma to say he loved her.
Gone Too Soon
Nolan was only four when he died on February 4, 2017, and after he left, everything changed for his mom and his family. Although her boy had accomplished a lot in his short life, Ruth couldn’t stop thinking about everything he could do if he had more time.

“Sgt. Rollin’ Nolan” dreamed of becoming a police officer, and that was just one small example that showed his beautiful heart. Undoubtedly, he was a warrior and would always be loved, cherished, and remembered by his dear ones.

The Fright & Emptiness That Would Always Remain
Alongside her raw account, Ruth attached two heartbreaking photos: one of them showed Nolan lying on the bath rug, facing the bathroom, and the other one was devoid of his presence and carried an ache of emptiness that could be felt even without reading Ruth’s story.

The heartbroken mother concluded her post by adding that there was a time when her son was scared to leave her side, even while she showered. However, from that day onwards, she began dreading showering alone and returning to an empty rug where her perfect son once lay waiting for her.

Our thoughts go out to the Scullys, especially Ruth because losing a piece of your heart is anything but easy. We are sure that Nolan will always watch over his mom and his loved ones from heaven.


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