Jennifer Aniston’s Dad Dies at 89 – Daughter Pays Tribute to ‘Sweet Papa’ She Rang Constantly

Jennifer Aniston’s father, a veteran actor, known for playing in “Days of Our Lives,” dies at 89.


Grieving Aniston paid tribute to her dad on Instagram.
Jennifer’s father left her, but she was strong enough to forgive and very close to him in his last years.

Jennifer Aniston is best known for her roles in various Hollywood movies and TV shows. However, she played an important role at home, too. She played the role of a daughter to her beloved father.

Aniston took to Instagram on November 14 to announce her father’s death. The news comes just days after Aniston revealed her real reason for never having had children with either of her husbands.

The actress posted a series of photos of herself and her father on her feed and accompanied the sweet snaps with a message for her father. In the message, she recalled what a beautiful person her father was and how much she loved him as she called him “sweet papa.”


She then shared that her father passed away on November 11 and said that he always had “perfect timing.” The actress said the date would hold even more significant meaning for her than before.

The photos in the post ranged from those of a young Aniston and her father in their backyard to those at Hollywood parties. The last photo was a close-up of John Anthony Aniston’s face. She finished the post by saying:

“Don’t forget to visit.”

John was also an actor and starred for many years in “Days of Our Lives.” People confirmed his death on the morning of November 14, the same day Aniston posted the news to her fans on her Instagram page.


How Did Aniston Forgive Her Father after He Left Her?
Although Aniston expressed her admiration and love for her father after his death, they did not always have such a friendly relationship. In fact, John abandoned Aniston when she was just a young girl.

Aniston was 10 when her father walked out on her and her mother, Nancy. For years Aniston did not think it was something she could forgive and made a point of not speaking to her father. However, they managed to begin talking again.

She mentioned that he had walked out, and her mother told her he wouldn’t be around for a while. Yet a year later, he got back in touch with the family, and she began seeing her father on the weekends.

Aniston also had a strained relationship with her mother. Nancy wrote a tell-all book when Aniston became famous, and the young woman stopped talking to her mother shortly after the book was published.

While her relationship with her father wasn’t great even when they were talking, it improved soon after the Coronavirus pandemic hit. It was said that Aniston was on the phone with her father daily, having meaningful conversations.

In 2019, Aniston took to Instagram to share a photo of herself as a child, with her arms wrapped around her father’s neck as they both stared into the camera lens. She mentioned the photo was taken on Christmas Day when she was a girl.


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