Man returns $27,000 to the bank after someone accidentally left it outside

What would you do if you found tens of thousands of dollars left outside of a bank? Well, George Condash was outside at the ATM of his credit union when he noticed a black metal box blocking part of the road.


Because the box was located in the middle of the street near the credit union’s drive-thru window, he figured that someone had dropped it by mistake after making a quick getaway from the financial institution.

At first, Condash figured that the box was some kind of trash that someone dropped out of haste.

He got closer to take a look and when he opened the metal box he was shocked to find that it contained a whole lot of money.

As he rifled through the cash, he quickly counted more than $27,000 in total.

Condash, who hails from Westland, Michigan, took a closer look at the box and saw that it had a label that said it contained $40,000. In reality, the box only had $27,000 in it.


But the box had been left behind by the driver of the armored security vehicle that delivers and exchanges money with the credit union.

What would you have done if you have found that much money sitting outside of the bank? Would you have returned it to the teller or would you have kept some of it for yourself?

Many people would have not thought twice about keeping the cash as that much money could really turn someone’s life around in short order.

However, Condash did the noble thing. He picked up the black metal box full of cash and carried it into the credit union where he handed it over to a bank employee. He placed the black box on the counter and declared that he was a good person for doing so.


But he wasn’t afraid to ask if there was a reward for him for returning so much money unscathed.

“Is there a reward for $40,000?” he asked. The employees “just looked dumbfounded,” he told WDIV.

Condash noticed the box full of cash as he was pulling into the drive-thru to handle his banking needs.

“I drove right around here and it was set right about here,” he told WDIV.

“At first I thought it was trash. Then it hit me. Why don’t I just pick this up so nobody else has to swerve around it.”

The report indicates that George Condash did not hesitate to bring the cassette full of cash back into the credit union to return it to the bank while looking for a reward for his good deed.

Not many people would have acted so selflessly after finding so much cash lying on the side of the drive-thru.

“I picked it up and noticed a tag stating that there was forty K,” he said.

Management at the credit union took notice of Condash’s good deed and offered him a reward for returning the money.

They handed the man an envelope that contained a reward for what he did that day in Michigan.


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