Michael Bublé Takes Wife & 4 Kids to Disneyland: He Values Family Moments after Fight for Son’s Life

Michael Bublé and his wife of eleven years, Luisana, recently welcomed their fourth child.

Michael and Luisana started a new chapter in their lives after they fought for the life of their oldest child, who was diagnosed with cancer.
Michael thought of quitting his career as he struggled to work after his fourth child’s birth.
On August 19, 2022, Luisana Lopilato and her husband, Michael Bublé, took to their Instagram accounts to share some happy news. Alongside a photo of the pair hand’s holding a newborn baby’s tiny foot, the couple revealed that they’d welcomed their fourth child!


Writing in Spanish and then translating into English, Lopilato shared how her love for Michael had brought light into their lives. The actress revealed that their baby was called Cielo Yoli Rose Bublé.

Lopilato’s exact words were, “From love comes life,” and she also shared that little Cielo arrived weighing 3,8 kg. Michael’s wife also revealed how grateful she was and how she felt for having the family’s latest addition by writing:

“Thanks God for this infinite blessing, we love you!!”

She noted how the message of love was from her and Michael and their three older children, Noah, Elias, and Vida Bublé. In September 2022, Lopilato’s husband appeared in “That Gaby Roslin Podcast,” where he discussed quitting his career.

The then 46-year-old musician said he didn’t have the same passion for music as he once had. Michael revealed that he wasn’t “loving it” as he used to, and he’s close to thinking about being a full-time father.


The “It’s a Beautiful Day” singer jokingly said he pictured himself in a field with his children and Ed Sheeran’s ones hanging out and having a picnic! The Argentinian actress’ husband shared how he had to remind himself to keep going even if he wasn’t feeling performing or singing.
He would force himself to enjoy the process, saying that it was a great opportunity and that he was lucky. Michael said his ambition made him want more, and he tried to remind himself to appreciate his life and be in the moment.

However, leaving the music industry for full-time fatherhood was “tricky” for the star. What probably affected him the most was when his oldest child struggled with a medical condition that made Michael relook at his life.
How Did Son’s Fight with Cancer Make Michael’s Life Deeper?
During a 2018 interview, Michael revealed how bonded he was to his children that while in a studio, he became emotional and sentimental while missing his children. He cleared everyone out, put his phone with a photo of his wife and children on a music stand, and switched off the lights.


Three months later, his new album was on sale, and he flew to London to appear on BBC One’s “The One Show.” However, three minutes before that, Lopilato texted him, informing him that something was wrong.

Included was a surgical scan that showed something wrong with Noah, with Michael saying, “And I just died.” The singer still performed on the show but was on autopilot, and he sadly sang the song he’d recorded with his children in mind.

The star’s little boy was diagnosed with liver cancer, with him confessing this about that time, “There were a million times that my wife and I were just surviving, struggling to survive, and to breathe.” Michael also said:

“I much rather would have it have been me.

>However, Noah, who almost died, beat his diagnosis and went into remission. In 2018, the musician revealed how he and his wife had to become happy and fall in love again after being exposed to the worst and best of each other.

One image taken at night showed Cielo [Yoli Rose Bublé] sleeping in her father’s [Michael Bublé] arms.
Since that scary and trying time, Michael’s family has become stronger and more united. Over the years, they’ve made many memories of family trips despite the musician’s busy work schedule.

>Michael’s Surprise Trip to Disneyland for His Wife and Their Four Childres

On October 26, 2022, Lopilato shared two images of Cielo sleeping against her chest, hinting she was on a trip. The actress revealed that it was the child’s first flight and that the baby behaved like “a queen” during the trip and included a TikTok video from the time.

Michael‘s wife, of eleven years in 2022, said she was pleased they’d arrived in Los Angeles. About three days later, she shared a clip of her and her family driving into Disneyland after the singer surprised his children with her writing:


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