Musk Says He’ll Cover the Cost of the Shaman’s Appeal

After Tucker Carlson released footage of January 6 that showed tourists peacefully walking through the halls of Congress on January 6, Elon Musk immediately called for the release of the Q-Anon Shaman, Jacob Angeli.

Now choosing to go by his given name, Jacob Chansley, the Shaman has the opportunity at last to appeal his case to a higher court. The only problem is…the money.


It costs a lot to mount an appeal, and Chansley just doesn’t have it. But…he does have a friend in Elon Musk, the richest man in the world.


“It’s pocket change to me,” said Musk, “I can toss down a few mill for the old boy.”

Musk says he’ll send his lawyer, Joe Barron, who famously got Kyle Rittenhouse and Casey Anthony out of their murder charges. “Joe will crush them,” Musk said via email, “he closed the Twitter deal with a paperclip and a ham sandwich.”


Chansley says he wasn’t planning on appealing, since he confessed and he’s seen the actual evidence against him, but now he has the chance to drop the “I’m sick” act and put the silly hat back on.

“I do really love the hat,” said the Shaman, “they made me burn the original, but I have a whole closet full at home that devoted fans sent me after they heard the news.”

Angeli-Chansley could be out in as little as a week. God bless America.


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