Paul McCartney Got Special Gift for Wife with Whom He Found Love after Being a Widower with 4 Kids

Paul McCartney is a father of 4 biological and one adopted kid.


He lost the mother of his children and found love again, being a widower at 69 years.

“The Family Way” actor Paul McCartney is a hopeless romantic. Recently he showed that side of himself after he was spotted heading to his car after stepping out to buy a bouquet of roses for his wife of 11 years, Nancy Shevell.

The Beatles frontman looked dapper in a black blazer and white shirt as he held the flowers, a combo of blush and white roses, in one hand while opening the car door with the other.

After DailyMail posted the photos on their Facebook page, fans took to the comment section to air their opinions. Some congratulated the actor for the kind gesture towards his wife, with one fan, Jody Hodge, writing:

“Because he is a gentleman. A loving husband does these things. Younger generations need to learn this.”


Others shared how nice of a gesture it was, noting that it indicated true love: “Way to go, Paul. As we know, Paul had a bad run, and maybe this is working. I hope he has found true happiness.”

How Did Linda McCartney Die?

McCartney’s romantic gestures may signify his love for his wife, but they could also indicate his gratitude after finding love so pure. Before meeting Shevell, the actor was married twice, with his first one ending tragically.

The rocker first married in 1969, walking down the aisle with his wife, Linda McCartney. They welcomed three children biologically, Mary, Stella, and James, before adopting another daughter, Heather.


Unfortunately, Linda passed away in 1998 after battling breast cancer. The pair first announced that Linda was fighting cancer in 1995, and the treatments seemed to be working at first. However, in 1996, doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to her liver.

She died, leaving McCartney a single father of four children. McCartney was devastated by his wife’s death and confessed that he cried on and off for a year:

“You expect to see them walk in, this person you love because you are so used to them. I cried a lot. It was almost embarrassing, except it seemed like the only thing to do.”

Four years later, the “Come Together” singer moved on and started dating Heather Mills. Together, they had a daughter, Beatrice, but sadly, their marriage ended in 2008.

Who Is Paul McCartney’s Current Wife?

After his second marriage failed, McCartney did not waste any time and immediately moved on with his current wife, Shevell.

They dated for five years before exchanging vows in a civil ceremony at Marylebone Town Hall, London, on October 9, 2011.

McCartney seems to have finally found his one true love in Shevell, the vice president of a family-owned transportation conglomerate that owns New England Motor Freight.

The couple is not afraid to express their love for each other and is often snapped kissing and cuddling in public, as was the case at the fifth anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil’s Beatles tribute LOVE in 2011.


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