Two Brothers Visit Their Father’s Grave for the First Time and Tell Him about Their Life without Him

A close-knit family of four from Colorado Springs loved spending time together. However, their world came to a standstill when sickness stole the father from his sons. Amid the pain, the boys never once cried about their dad’s passing.


Mom Kait Brazel and dad Alfred “Fred” Brazel were the proud parents of Mason and Mylan. The boys meant the world to them, and Fred raised his kids to be confident and goal-orientated.

The loving dad served as a staff sergeant in the army, and his family was proud of everything he had achieved. But the Brazels were caught off guard when doctors shared a shocking diagnosis: Fred had cancer.

The Youngsters Never Shed Any Tears

The life-changing news changed the family’s world forever, and they had to say goodbye to the hero in their lives on July 31, 2017. Kait and her boys were heartbroken but remained hopeful, believing God had a plan.

Mason stepped up and looked out for his younger brother, teaching him different skills in honor of their father. The boys were supportive and strong, never crying about the devastating loss.

Their mother shared why her sons were so courageous in the face of adversity, noting that they knew their story would impact others and change lives. Kait added:

“I tell them, ‘We are here as tools for God.’ That’s how we went with it and how we justified it. That’s what we believe.”

Laying Their Hero to Rest
Photographer Alishia Elwell Potter was honored to capture the Brazel family on camera as they laid Fred to rest. It was a tear-jerking moment for Kait, and she would treasure the pictures forever.


Her boys looked dapper as they honored their dad’s life and service to his country. Alishia was touched by the experience and sang Fred’s praises online, describing him as a doting husband and encouraging dad with an unforgettable smile.

She also shared a heartfelt message for him: “Fred, I sure hope I did you justice. Kait told me you wished I could photograph your family one more time, and so I did. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Kait recalled Mylan feeling his dad’s presence at the gravestone, and just before they left, he told his mom to stop because he had to return and do something. She was stunned by his actions.

Seeing His Gravestone for the First Time
In November, the family took a trip to the Arlington National Cemetery to visit their late father, and it was an emotional moment for Kait. Seeing Fred’s headstone for the first time was challenging because it made his passing a reality.


The gravestone was a special place for her sons to chat with their dad and pray. The boys brought a blanket and spent time with Fred, sharing all their recent news like they would have if he were still alive.

Spending Precious Time with Him
The boys told their dad about their accomplishments in sports—how they won trophies—and filled him in on a Halloween party they had attended. Mason and Mylan also took a nap next to the gravestone after sending up heartfelt prayers.

Kait stood back in awe, proud of their bravery and determination to stay close to their father and his memory. She believed her husband would have loved what the boys did because his mission was to reach people and bring them closer to God.

Fred lived his life without reservations, and Kait knew her boys would remember their father forever. She said:

“He fulfilled everything he needed to here on this earth. We’re just really proud of him in how he fought.”

One Final Heartwarming Gesture
Kait recalled Mylan feeling his dad’s presence at the gravestone, and just before they left, he told his mom to stop because he had to return and do something. She was stunned by his actions.

He wanted to hug his father, and that’s precisely what he did. The little boy wrapped his arms around the gravestone—it was a simple yet powerful gesture.

While the family still carried lots of grief and pain, they knew things would heal with time. The passing of Fred will always be part of their story, but it would be an inspiration to live like he did—with passion and purpose.

Mylan and Mason are brave and will continue to carry their father’s legacy for the rest of their lives. We wish them well in the future and hope they find comfort in knowing their dad watches over them from heaven.

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