Two High School Football Teams Join Together To Pray Over Injured Player

WEST ORANGE, Texas (KFDM) — A photo showing two high school football teams coming together to pray for an injured player is going viral and has been shared thousands of times.


Noah Taylor took the photo during the high school football game August 26 between Nederland at West Orange-Stark, in Texas.

During the second half, a Nederland kick returner went down with an injury. He was motionless, and while staff rushed over to attend to him, the West Orange-Stark players called over the Nederland players. The photo shows them kneeling down together and praying.


Noah Taylor took a picture of the players from both teams huddled together in prayer. He says it shows that good still exists in our communities.


Beth West shared the picture. She posted these comments on Facebook:

This gives me such pride in these young men. With all the bad news in the world, I wish this went viral. This was what the media should show more often instead of all the divisions. God bless these young men & their parents for raising them right. (The young man was carted off and suffered a concussion but will be okay).
According to reports, he was released from the hospital and went home early Saturday morning, August 27


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