Whoopi Goldberg Is Freaking Out Over Roseanne’s New Show

Whoopi Goldberg is showing her true colors again. After learning that Fox signed Roseanne Barr to a 3-year, $40 million deal to run a talk show opposite “The View,” she had herself a little fit.

“That woman doesn’t deserve to share the air I breathe, never mind my time slot,” she cried, “her routine was more like a therapy session before an uncomfortable crowd.”


It sounds like Whoopi is just jealous. She knows she laughed her butt off when Roseanne told the story of how she was pressured into dating her own cousin. Everyone did. It’s very obvious what’s going on here.: Whoopi can’t handle another woman being so successful. She must really hate Gina Carano.


Roseanne’s show will the same format but with a conservative panel and one token liberal. As of now, she’s considering the aforementioned Gina Carano, Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, and Bristol Palin for the panel. No self-respecting liberal will sign on, sadly, but Rosie said she’ll keep searching.


As for Whoopi, she’s wrong. Oh, sure, it might have sounded like she was “joking,” but she can’t just declare that she owns a time slot. We checked with DKT Legal Expert Joe Barron who ensured us that Roseanne absolutely can sue her for millions now.

Sorry, Whoopi, but that’s life here in the real world. Roseanne is a star and you’re not. You’ll just have to deal with that. God Bless America.


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